About plants

Real feel
Plants are made of soft polymer materials that feel real to the touch
Natural colors
The colors are as close as possible to the natural shades of live plants
Shape, texture, look, vein pattern

REAL TOUCH® company is an expert in artificial plants. Using polymer materials, modern 3D modeling and digital printing technologies, we create collections of unique artificial plants that cannot be distinguished from live ones.

The first product line was the incredibly realistic REAL TOUCH® flowers, which won the hearts of florists and expanded the possibilities of decoration in the event industry. Following the success of the innovative quality of flowers, technologists and designers started the development of REAL TOUCH® plants.

The unique design of each leaf, stem and plant as a whole was created based on live samples. Shortly after, in 2016, the first models of the most realistic artificial plants entered the world market.


REAL TOUCH® plants are made of soft polymers, look incredibly natural and even feel real to the touch. This is the best quality product on the world market. A wide selection of plants, perfect in shape, color and texture, allows you to create unique interior landscape designs for residential and commercial spaces.


  • very quick and simple installation
  • plants can be placed anywhere you want
  • easy maintenance, no watering, no replanting, no insects
  • affordable price (several times cheaper than live indoor gardening)
  • long service life